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  • Bram Van Hecke
    For our 50th anniversary, we were ambitious. We are an organisation with many members, but we do not have the capacity to organise such a big event completely by ourselves. So we turned to Dazzle Events. And with success, as our jubilee party has since become legendary. "If you were not there, then surely you will be cursing now," people say to each other.
    Bram Van Hecke
    Groene Kring
  • Shauni Roggeman
    "They are very transparent in the way they work: their budget, what they are working on, how far along they are... I rather like to be in control, but with them I was super confident that things would go well."
    Shauni Roggeman
    La Lorraine Bakery Group
  • Davy Demuynck
    Dazzle Events has fulfilled all expectations. The co-operation was extremely professional and made us eager to work with them more often.
    Davy Demuynck
  • Caroline Vernieuwe
    "The great thing about the guys at Dazzle Events is: they don't sit in an ivory tower. They follow the project from needle to thread: the idea, the briefing, but they are also there on the day itself. They don't let go of the project."
    Caroline Vernieuwe
  • Isabelle Baudoncq
    The team's know-how was truly priceless. Dazzle Events put its creative stamp on every detail. Moreover, they did not impose their vision on us - quite the contrary. Our specific wishes and ideas were always the starting point. This allowed us as an organisers to celebrate and enjoy this unique anniversary.
    Isabelle Baudoncq
  • Events Project Coordinator ENGIE, Aline Sinzo
    The trust we already had in Dazzle Events was reconfirmed. They have technical expertise, a creative mind and act as a partner. They don't just implement what we ask, but think with us, give suggestions and improve where necessary, without losing sight of the deadline. In short, they offer a total package, without stress and with a broad smile.
    Events Project Coordinator ENGIE, Aline Sinzo
  • Burgemeester Gent, Daniel Termont
    "Never before have I been invited in such an original way!"
    Burgemeester Gent, Daniel Termont

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