Dazzle Events and Tribes: a tribal company opening


The human heart beats to a tribal rhythm and the feeling of being part of a tribe is indispensable at work. These are the premises behind the Tribes open office concept. The Dazzle Events team supervised the introduction of this international player to the Belgian business world.

Sami in the city

With the opening of its first office in avenue Louise on 11 December, the Dutch company Tribes brought the world of the Sami to Brussels. Dazzle Events introduced these traditional Scandinavian nomads to an audience of 150 urban nomads.

Reindeer everywhere you look

The opening event resembled a real tribal ritual. During the reception, Tribes CEO Eduard Schaepman, entered the building on a reindeer sleigh. The tribe leader addressed his Brussels clan, while Dazzle Events prepared the next surprise for his guests.

Spiritual purification ritual

The Sami consider their spiritual guide or shaman to be just as important as their tribe leader. This idea inspired us to come up with another spectacular event, after the CEO’s speech. We hired an actor who took on the role of a shaman. He purged evil spirits from the venue, which only benefits the atmosphere at work.

A little trance

Initiation ceremonies usually also involve a lot of food and dancing. Tribes employees took visitors on a tour of the office during a standing buffet. Guests were also able to sample the cuisine of the High North in a range of traditional dishes with reindeer meat. Finally, two female DJs invited everyone to trance out to some urban tribal beats.

Authentic customisation

Creating a tailor-made event proved quite challenging. But we were able to find an answer to all the client’s requests, while working to a fixed budget. We arranged the reindeer sleigh for the CEO and had traditional Sami costumes made for our shaman and all catering staff. Dazzle Events showed once again how much more we can achieve in the events industry when we work together as a tribe. The Tribes idea works!

Got something to celebrate soon? Let’s meet to discuss how to make your opening event or jubilee an original and memorable party. Feel free to contact thijs@dazzle-events.be.

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