50 years of Green Circle

The first popping party for young farmers since corona!

Green Circle, the association of young farmers, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021. To celebrate, they had big plans: organise the first big farmers’ party after corona. It became a mega party for 1,500 attendees, with ticket sales, preceded by a fun reception for prominent figures from the farming community.

Within the farming community, we quickly found the perfect location for this party: an empty meadow in Sint-Niklaas, about 270 acres in size.

The summer of 2021 was far from dry, so we arranged a huge party tent for the partygoers. We built the stage out of ibc containers, white water barrels with a steel cage around them. With some light effects on these water barrels, we created a magical backdrop for the performers. This allowed us to recreate the atmosphere of the popular KLJ parties, but just a bit grander.

DJs from the environment

Because that is what the Green Circle wanted: a real farmer’s party, with farmer’s party atmosphere, but bigger. So we also chose DJs from the environment. They know how to get the audience dancing like no other.

With party buses, the young farmers came from all over Flanders to the festival site in Sint-Niklaas. We had provided a kiss & ride zone where the bus drivers could safely drop off their partygoers. A little further on, we had set up a waiting car park for the empty buses. Circulation went smoothly and everyone could soon start partying.

“For our 50th anniversary, we were ambitious. We are an organisation with many members, but we don’t have the organisational capacity to organise such a big event all by ourselves. That’s why we called on Dazzle Events. And with success, as our anniversary party is now even getting a legendary touch. “If you weren’t there, surely you’ll be cursing now,” people say to each other.”

– Bram Van Hecke, national president of Green Circle

Safe for COVID-19

What about corona? The question hung over the organisers of this anniversary party like a thundercloud, but we didn’t let that discourage us. We opted for a COVID-safe festival, even though it was not mandatory at that time. At the entrance, we scanned the CST of all attendees. We had informed everyone of these measures beforehand, so the scanning went smoothly. The virus did not interfere with the festivities. After all, you only turn 50 once.

Got something to celebrate soon? Let’s meet to discuss how to make your opening event or jubilee an original and memorable party. Feel free to contact thijs@dazzle-events.be.

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