Cosy summer drink brings staff Deceuninck closer together!

Deceuninck - Summerdrink

We had previously organised a winter drink for Deceuninck, so when this multinational wanted to hold a summer drink for its employees, they thought of us again.

The previous collaboration had its advantages, of course: for instance, a three-sentence briefing was all we needed to work out a concept. This proposal was right on target, both in terms of timing and budget. A nice bonus for us and for the client, because it allowed us to work efficiently, and who doesn’t like efficiency?

At the summer drink, Deceuninck wanted above all a pleasant gathering of all employees, a motley crew of some 180 workers and employees. We chose to set up a stretch tent on their domain, in which we placed a nice bar and several food trucks. The tent literally kept the guests together in the otherwise quite spacious car park, creating a sense of togetherness. It became a fun party, which continued into the early hours. Mission accomplished!

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