Deloitte Risk & Advisory gives colour to bang for buck

Deloitte Risk & Advisory - Rainbow Festival

Colour and music brighten informative session

So if we do bring all our staff together, thought the management of Deloitte Risk & Advisory, we want to take advantage of this to bring everyone up to speed once again on our numbers and our vision for the future. After all, informed staff are motivated staff.

But where do you bring 550 employees together for a plenary session? The Kinepolis in Ghent turned out to be the ideal location for this. In order to keep the informative part of the day digestible, halfway through we had an active break in the theme of the day (Life is Better in Colour): full of enthusiasm, the attendees musically set the room alight with coloured tree whackers. The tone was set.

Fancy festival food and glamorous camping

No festival without food trucks – after a well-deserved shower, guests were treated to a walking dinner of high-end festival food. Secondary entertainment was also provided, in the form of a real Tree of Life: a gigantic tree that we housed under a stretch tent – that way, the tree could withstand all weather conditions.

A solid line-up, with sounding names like Cookies & Cream and Because It Can Soundsystem, kept the party going until the early hours. And those who were tired? They could go to one of the 200 glamping tents for a refreshing night’s sleep!

Deloitte Risk & Advisory gives colour to bang for buck

Bang bang and the need to bring all the staff together once more. After 2 years of corona, it had to be something special, so Deloitte Risk & Advisory wrote to several dozen event agencies to work out a pitch. For that pitch, we brainstormed within Dazzle as usual with the whole team. Our ideas had to be creative, but also realistic and achievable. And yes, we won the project.

“We chose Dazzle Events because their concept stood out because of their creative ideas and how well they were worked out. In terms of price, too, the proposal was right on the money right away.”

– Astrid Crutelle, Senior Consultant at Deloitte Risk & Advisory

And what a project it was: a day and a night dedicated to colour. From a plenary session at the Kinepolis to a real RAinbow festival with Colour Run, Tree of Life, a line-up to say hello to, catering to lick your thumbs and fingers and 200 glamping tents to end the day in style.

“We experienced our cooperation with Dazzle Events as very positive. From start to finish, everything went well: the brainstorming, the elaboration, the communication and the follow-up … Both during the preparation and the day itself.”

– Astrid Crutelle, Senior Consultant at Deloitte Risk & Advisory

Colour Run makes festival site even more colourful

Life is Better in Colour, so colour could not be missing from the festival site of the RAinbow festival, which we had put up on the Avanco site in Aalbeke. There were activities for all tastes: a graffiti workshop with the Deloitte logo, a colourful cocktail workshop, paintball, yoga, a percussion session, … everyone had been allowed to indicate in advance which activity they wanted to do, so that the distribution went smoothly that afternoon.

Although flawless… not quite. In fact, there was one activity for everyone to do: the Colour Run. All participants donned a white Deloitte t-shirt, after which coloured powder flew around. Colourfully brightened up, participants set off for a 5 km run with 15 obstacles and activities.

Unique event that tastes like more

The staff day responded to the enormous enthusiasm within Deloitte Risk & Advisory. (Admittedly, with a few teaser films and custom-made visuals, we also stirred up this enthusiasm in the run-up to the festival. 😉 ) To be able to organise this day to perfection, we called in no fewer than 65 suppliers. Coordinating them all was a feat, but together we delivered an unforgettable day to the 550 attendees. So unforgettable that Deloitte immediately asked us to help organise their next event too:

“We decided to work with Dazzle Events again for our new event at the end of October because we were so satisfied with the collaboration.”

– Astrid Crutelle, Senior Consultant at Deloitte Risk & Advisory

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