Staff ION in medieval "Quest for gold"

ION - Summerevent

Property developer ION holds a big staff event every summer. After last year’s successful festival, we were again asked to manage the Summer Event. By now, we know our client’s requirements inside out, so the briefing was short but sweet: a few key words and we shot into action.

Dazzle Events_Bedrijfsevent_ION

'ION Quest': the HR theme woven into the day's proceedings

We think it is important that every event of a company exudes its DNA. So when we heard about the HR theme, ‘We are gold’, we decided to integrate this theme into the staff day.

It became a medieval day, in which teams had to work together during various non-committal activities to collect gold. Gold that gave them and their partners access to the medieval castle where the afterparty took place in the evening.

‘ION Quest’ breathed the medieval atmosphere from start to finish:

  • A pig on a spit was provided for lunch.
  • All activities had a medieval flavour: fencing, axe throwing, crossbow shooting,…
  • That IONists are fearless knights (m/f/x) was proven by the death ride, which did not go unused for a second.

A large flag was planted on top of the castle of Groot-Bijgaarden, the setting for the day.

“As a marketing manager, it is very welcome to have such a good partner. Not only does organising such an event take up a lot of time beforehand, but also on the day itself there are a lot of staff to manage. When you have a partner like Dazzle Events, who you can completely rely on, that makes a huge difference. They make sure I can enjoy it on the day itself.”

– Daan Ver Eecke, marketing manager at ION

“Everything was worked out to perfection. You can also hear that from the positive response from our staff and their partners. This is also why we choose to continue working with Dazzle Events. They really are very punctual and guarantee professional event management.”

– Daan Ver Eecke, marketing manager at ION

The queeste for a new plan: flexibility above

In full preparation, we received a message that thwarted all plans: one of the CEOs had an important exam, which was impossible to combine with the staff event.

All hands on deck: we looked for a new date and, correspondingly, a new location. Suddenly we had only two weeks left to set up the event. A tough but fun challenge. At least the 250 participants didn’t notice anything, and that’s what we do it for!

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