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Bike tour with La Lorraine Bakery Group

La Lorraine Bakery Group is one of the clients that structurally hires us for their marketing and events. When they organised a cycling event with the Sven Nys Cycling Center, we provided the atmospheric setting.

Cycling with Sven Nys

The cycling event was a social ride to mark the company’s fit together programme. This programme includes various challenges that staff can take on in terms of exercise and wellbeing. The social ride, accompanied by Sven Nys, was the apotheosis of one of these challenges. La Lorraine Bakery Group is a sponsor of Nys, so he is happy to give something back to them.

So we had little to worry about the bike ride itself – that was more of a feast for the Sven Nys Cycling Center. But everything around it, we were looked at.

All participants were given an atmospheric welcome, receiving a personalised bib number and a personalised drinking cup with La Lorraine branding. Those who wanted could quickly buy new cycling clothes in a specially equipped stand. Music was playing and thanks to a beautiful bicycle arch, no one could miss the start of the event.

Dazzle Events_Bedrijfsevent_ION

“We asked Dazzle to provide logistical and operational support for this event. They actually really relieved us in this, allowing me to fully focus on the content itself of the event: the bike ride.”

– Jonas Janssens, digital communications specialist at La Lorraine Bakery Group

Dazzle Events_Bedrijfsevent_ION

As a structural partner of La Lorraine Bakery Group, we now know the individuality of this industrial bakery and the assortment they offer through and through. That is why we always manage to highlight their products in an original way during their events.

Special food bikes served various products from the La Lorraine Bakery Group range as early as the morning reception. We also provided a home-made rice cake with coffee during the stopover in the cycling museum in Brakel.

In the afternoon, the cycle stalls then swapped their breakfast products for Haut Dogs (fancy hot dogs), made for the occasion not with the caterer’s standard bread, but with La Lorraine’s own hot dog buns. A small adjustment, but a world of difference for this event.

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