Staff Heart Centre creates art for 30th anniversary

Maria Middelares - 30 years Heart Centre

The Maria Middelares Heart Centre celebrated its 30th anniversary and the centre did not want to let this pass by lightly. We organised an atmospheric staff evening for them at Haeseveld brewery in Lochristi.

The theme? The (he)art on the right place. You can already guess where the heart came from, so the trick was to incorporate the art part into the event as well: after a tasty reception, we brought out the paintbrushes.

Creating art together

Beforehand, we had asked a local artist to shape a 1.5-by-2.8-metre artwork. On canvases measuring 70 by 50 cm, she had drawn the contours in pencil lines. And now the heart centre staff were allowed to colour these canvases together.

Full of enthusiasm and creativity, they worked together on the various canvases. One by one, the canvases were finished and displayed. By the end of the evening, we could see the complete work of art.

And that the staff at the heart centre do have their hearts in the right place was proven afterwards: the self-made artwork was auctioned on the spot for charity. It now hangs on display in the buyer’s desk.

“Even for the mural, Dazzle Events knew how to put the right people forward. The end result was beautiful and the activity was really satisfying.”

– Frank Provenier, cardiac surgeon at Maria Middelares

“We chose to work with Dazzle Events because the venue they suggested was the best of all the proposals we received. Moreover, they asked a fair price and the catering they offered was also very good. The communication with the people from Dazzle Events was also immediately very open and natural.”

– Frank Provenier, cardiac surgeon at Maria Middelares

Music and togetherness

The evening was musically graced by a roving jazz band, but the party did not end there. The customer had also put together a song of his own for the occasion. As a climax to the evening, this was heartily sung along by the nearly 150 attendees.

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