ION opens Waregem Business Park


ION gives banging start to Waregem Business Park

“Every guest who goes home in the evening after the party has to wake up his partner to tell him how great it was at ION. It was a somewhat atypical briefing, although fully in line with ION’s identity,” says Thijs Bekaert, managing director of Dazzle Events. Managing director of ION Davy Demuynck responds: “Dazzle Events met all expectations. For us, it was important that our vision of being different was strongly present in the event concept. That ‘different’ formed the common thread, together with our house colour, in the party: from the invitation to the catering, tour, music and acts. The cooperation was extremely professional and gave us the desire to work with them more often”.

Marketing literally as a common thread

Develop different, reads ION’s baseline. But #ACTION also recurs constantly. Dazzle Events delved into ION’s identity and worked out an original concept that was fully aligned with ION’s vision.

  • #SEEDIFFERENT, because the invitation contained only red hashtags. To see more, invitees had to put on red colour glasses. Even during the tour, some information was hidden and only visible with the glasses.
  • #GUIDEDIFFERENT, as the lift was stickered so that guests seemed to fall into a giant hole, a nod to the 180-depth drillings. ION also surprised guests with huge window stickers and edited videos of the staff. The icing on the cake was an office completely plastered with milk film, which was upside down when you looked through one of the peepholes.
  • #PLAYDIFFERENT, as a piano played music in the entrance hall, without a pianist.
  • #WELCOMEDIFFERENT, because the red carpet ended up being the reception lady’s dress.
  • #EATDIFFERENT, because the food was not always what it seemed and pleasantly surprised many a taste bud! There was no ordinary buffet either, but a large sushi track with show cooking in the middle.
    Besides the obvious baseline, ION’s red house colour could not be missed. From the red carpet to stilt walkers in red attire and the decoration, everything fitted together like pieces of a puzzle. The launch of ION’s own tune played live by saxophonists before the speech completed it.

Dazzle Events fully aligned the party with the client’s corporate culture and philosophy, ensuring that this event was a perfect fit with ION’s marketing campaigns. Sarah Welker, event manager at ION, looks back with satisfaction: “Like a car has six gears, Dazzle Events went to twelfth gear for us. Unbelievable what they achieved at short notice. The party was a perfect fit for ION. Afterwards, we heard from guests that it was an opening to remember, an event that sticks to the ribs. In short, totally ION-style!”.

‘The Challenge’

The infectious invitation process did not miss its effect either. Indeed, a third more guests registered than expected. In terms of logistics, it was therefore a challenge to fit in the 215 extra guests in the last week and to ensure that 850 guests could park in Waregem without causing any inconvenience. Nevertheless, Dazzle Events managed to develop a concept in a short time that impressed everyone and will be remembered for weeks to come.


1000 gasten
Business Park Waregem
Special acts - Live music

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