Nostalgic family day with contemporary sauce


Carousel Mifratel: nostalgic family day with contemporary sauce

On Sunday 8 September 2003, call centre Mifratel organised its biannual family day, this time called ‘Carrousel Mifratel’, at the Mouscron branch. The idea came from managing director Kristel D’Hondt herself, while Dazzle Events was entrusted with the elaboration.

Logistical challenge

“Mouscron was chosen as the venue, but at the time a new site was being built from scratch,” explains Wouter Maenhaut of Dazzle Events. “In other words, there was a serious logistical challenge involved, as we had to prepare everything for a construction site without it being shut down. During the event itself, we also immediately organised a tour of the new buildings, which were then officially opened.”

Authentic contemporary

The concept of the party, ‘Carousel’ or ‘merry-go-round’, was an authentic carnival with a dozen or so very diverse attractions set up in the site’s car park. No doubt the older attendees must have thought back to their own youth with nostalgia, when they suddenly saw a street sweeper, a shoe shiner and even a barber. Everything was reminiscent of the 1950s: the brass band, a radio caravan, the choice of music, even the wooden furniture. The chosen attractions completed the picture. Dazzle Events provided a merry-go-round, a ball stand, a shooting gallery, a caterpillar, a luna park, car scooters and even a Head of Jut. Attendees could feast on all kinds of goodies like candyfloss and oliebollen. There was even an oyster stall. And those who wanted to fortify the inner man could visit the cava or gin bar. To top it all off, Dazzle Events provided a convivial BBQ in the afternoon and a breughel buffet in the evening.

Unseen enthusiasm

Kristel D’Hondt looks back with satisfaction: “The cooperation went very well and correctly. Dazzle Events also came up with some extra ideas, which was certainly appreciated. In terms of price/quality, this agency is a very strong partner. The enthusiasm with which they approach things is unprecedented.”


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