Neighbours and prominent figures involved in laying foundation stone of Panquin site in Tervuren

ION - Panquin

Project developers have to deal with a lot of different partners. At the laying of the foundation stone on the Panquin site, ION wanted not only to involve the direct partners, but also to give local residents a glimpse of the project that would creep into their daily lives in the near future.

As a regular event partner of ION, we put our creativity and expertise into making this event a hit.

Dazzle Events_Bedrijfsevent_ION_Panquin_Tervuren

The foundation stone of a sustainable construction project

Challenge number 1: in the morning, press, stakeholders, contractors, architects and ministers would be invited for the laying of the foundation stone. For the construction project on the Panquin site, ION uses renewable heat, which is mined from the ground. The client wanted this to be highlighted in a creative way during this event.

Using water and a smoke machine, we created an artwork in the shape of a geyser – as geysers also extract heat from the ground. The artwork, which illustrated the sustainability of the construction project, became the eye-catcher of the press event.

After lunch, offered by a neighbouring brasserie, the stakeholders returned home satisfied. With a goodie bag filled with products from the neighbourhood market that would take place on the site in the afternoon.

The event in Tervuren was a real success. Everyone had a great time there, both we at ION and the guests.”

– Camille Hourdain, Event Manager at ION

“When organising the event, Dazzle really takes care of everything: the concept, the search for the right service providers, the quotes, the organisation, the installation and dismantling,… On the day itself, the people at Dazzle do not shy away from taking on last-minute challenges and come up with the right solutions to the problems that arise.”

– Camille Hourdain, Event Manager at ION

Construction site makes room for friendly neighbourhood market

In the afternoon, local traders were able to occupy the site one last time before the construction work really started: we organised a neighbourhood market with 15 exhibitors. For this we were able to collaborate with traders from Tervuren and from the short-chain organisation Buurderij, which has a location just around the corner from Panquin. A nice band provided the musical accompaniment.

With the neighbourhood market, ION wanted to thank in advance the local residents, who are going to spend quite some time between works, for their patience. During this successful afternoon, the more than 400 visitors to the neighbourhood market, mainly local residents and buyers of the flats in the project, were of course also able to view the site itself, with the geyser artwork.

Dazzle Events_Bedrijfsevent_ION_Panquin Tervuren

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