Libert Paints


Libert Paints moved into their new building, which of course called for a celebration. For two days, clients, suppliers, press, politicians and personnel could visit and have a look around.

On the first day, City Councillor of Harbour, Economy and Entrepreneurship Mathias De Clercq kicked off the festivities with an enthralling speech, followed by a tour on the new site, with various circus acts entertaining the invitees along the way. Obviously the main theme of the event had to be ‘colour’, which you could detect in many of the details. Cocktails and appetizers had a touch of fluorescent colour, visitors could leave their handprint and create a piece of art for the new meeting room, there was a paintball box and the stretch covers of every table had a different, vibrant hue.

Libert Paints wanted to use this event to introduce another side to their business, with just that little different touch (of colour). Managing Director Paul Boels was very enthusiastic: “Dazzle Events made time for meetings, really listened to our wishes. They took into account all aspects, without losing focus on what it should all be about. We are very happy about everything, from start to finish.”

‘The Challenge’

Finding a good way to place the new build of Libert Paints in the spotlight.


420 guests
Reception and walking dinner in a polyvalent room, with tours and activities in on the shop-floor and in the warehouse = 22,500 m2
Background music
Reception with walking dinner and dessert

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