Postponed party? Double the fun!

Moore - Double the Fun

After Corona had thrown a spanner in the works twice, it was finally time for accounting and consulting firm Moore: Their crazy staff event! And what could be seen as a drawback, we just saw as an advantage. Because Double the waiting time? That’s double the fun!

The Theme

What do The Spice Girls, Laurel and Hardy, Bassie and Adriaan and The Three Musketeers have in common? They always consist of a duo or team. And this was also immediately the theme in which Moore’s staff came dressed up. The result? A packed Carré filled with Bonnie and Clyde, M&Ms or Batman and Batgirl. The management also made special preparations for the event, with Moore’s new female CEO appearing as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Masked Singer

And it didn’t stop here. After the reception and walking dinner, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had another surprise in store: the final of their web contest by The Masked Singer.

After the colleagues had given their best on stage, everyone was finally put out of their misery. Which colleague had been hiding under Applesien, Pink Elephant or Marshmellow all this time?

The final surprise was for none other than Regi. He made sure Snow White was too busy to bite into a poison apple, Mario and Luigi traded in their racing legs for their dancing legs and Batman and Batgirl were momentarily unavailable to challenge injustice in the world.

Young and old celebrated long after which they were taken to their hotel rooms by their prince on the white horse (read: shuttle) and left for dreamland.

The Dazzle Events team took care of:

  • Complete integration of the theme
  • Smooth logistics flow from start to finish
  • Hotel accommodation and shuttles
  • Total experience and acts

“What I specifically appreciate about the team at Dazzle events is that you feel they are people with their hearts in the right place. They go to work with a smile and strive for high quality. Also, the communication was always very clear and professional. I can truly speak of a total relief and a fantastic evening.”

-Mieke van Aerde, Executive Director at Moore

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