Everyone superhero at SomatiFIE!

SomatiFIE - Staff event

SomatiFIE asked us to organise their first staff party after corona. It was our first collaboration with the fire safety company, so we started this assignment by getting to know the company better: what is their dna, what is specific about this client?

In the end, we chose to incorporate HR’s annual theme into the staff party: ‘our employees are the company’s heroes’. Among new employees, the annual theme was already known, but the ancients hadn’t really heard of it. In this way, we killed two birds with one stone: we had an attractive theme for the festivities, and we helped integrate the theme into the corporate culture.

Superheroes in an urban setting

The typical comic book style in which superheroes are often depicted helped determine the framework for the party: we chose an urban theme, which was reflected in the location, the décor, the activities and the meal:

  • The staff party took place at the Bonnetterie in Aalst, an industrial site that exudes this urban style. The furniture of the staff party was also industrially themed.
  • During the walking dinner, guests could choose from different types of street food: there was a hot dog stand, a taco truck, there was pulled pork,…
  • The venue was decorated with comic book-style images of superheroes, and there were also miniature superheroes on each table. Graffiti was also not missing from the decor, but more on that below.
  • During the day, the party was spiced up with some break dance acts. Those who wanted could also participate in a graffiti workshop, given by a colleague.

Graffiti art on fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher company throwing an urban-style staff party turned out to be an excellent angle for a surprising new art form: some fire extinguishers on display, sprayed with graffiti, completed the party venue. Thanks to one of SomatiFIE’s colleagues, graffiti artist after hours. He was provided with some old fire extinguishers for the occasion, which he sprayed decoratively ahead of the event.

Own talent, own material, own (annual) theme: that’s how we at Dazzle try to integrate the dna into our events.

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